Global Medical File - GMF 

We recommend you to open a Global Medical File. Keeping all your medical records by your GP will ensure you a better quality of healt care. Thanks to this file, the communication between specialists and your GP is optimized. 
The consultation is also better refunded thanks to the GMF. 
It is obvious that you always may change of GP if you wish. 


We are non-contracted. That means that we are free to set the prices we wish, in excess of the fees set under agreement with the health insurance fund. 

A normal consultation costs 38,50 euros. 

In case of no-show or cancelation within 12 hours before the consultation, the doctor could ask a compensation of 15 euros to pay by bank transfer or at the next consultation.

 For a first appointment, we take twice more time and we charge 55€. 

Payement is possible by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Patients who beneficiate of the BIM or OMNIO status have to take a health insurance ticket: they pay only 2€, the health insurance is in charge of the difference. 

If you encounter any financial problems, please tell us about it and we will try to find an arrangement. 


Not patient in our practice ? You can still have your blood test done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can call our office to make an appointment.

Home Visits

We give the priority for our home visits to people who are not able to move to our practice, for elderly people, people with locomotor disorders,... 
We ask you to take an appointment for a visit in the morning before 10 am. 

Health Network - HUB 

The Brussels Health Network is an electronic health data sharing network that links all Brussels and Belgian hospitals with non-hospital doctors. Thanks to this network, only the professionals who treat you have access to a global view of your health at any time and in secure mode, wherever you are cared for in Belgium. They can treat you better because they know your medical history.

So we will ask you during consultation your informed consent to create a therapeutic link, and to sumerize your principal health problems in a shared file (SUMEHR).